It's good to be back ... and new!


Dear Friends,
Three years ago, I left Houston to join a law firm in Dallas. Professionally, this experience has been great. I worked with a team of talented legal professionals, handled challenging cases and became a part of the Dallas legal community. I also acquired thousands of Southwest miles - half my docket was in Houston!

Dallas was a terrific personal experience as well. My wife Gayle and I overcame the Houston-Dallas rivalry and learned each city has its strong points (more about that later). We made friends and developed family ties as well. Life in Dallas was good.

Ultimately, three things brought us back to Houston.

First, as a lawyer, I believe the values of my firm should reflect my personal ideals. That is why I have always represented individuals, mostly in claims against big corporations or insurance companies. My new law partner Hector Sandoval and I share values of hard work and dedication to our clients, high standards in our work, giving back to our community, and above all, honesty and integrity in all our dealings. 

Second, having come from a family of immigrants, I empathize with all those working for a share of the American Dream. Every person I know has ancestors from somewhere else. Hector and I are building a new and innovative law practice that provides legal services with dignity and respect for people of all cultures.

Finally, Gayle and I lived for over 30 years in Houston, building lifelong friendships and family relationships, and bonds to the community. We leave friends and family behind in Dallas, but as we return to Houston, we know we are coming home.