Does getting a DWC 073 mean I have Worker's Comp?

If my doctor fills out a DWC Work Status Report, does that mean I have Worker’s Compensation benefits?

In short, the answer is NO! Doctors, urgent care or emergency clinics use the forms available to them from the Texas Department of Insurance (TDI). Most of these forms, including the DWC 073 Work Status Report, are used routinely by doctors and clinics to report the status of your ability to work to your employer regardless of the type of insurance coverage your employer has for its employees.

If you work for Texas Non-Subscriber (i.e. not a Worker’s Compensation Subscribing Employer) and you are injured on the job, you will likely receive a DWC 073 Work Status Report from the company doctor. This does not mean you have benefits under Texas Worker’s Compensation. Remember, the law applies differently to employees injured while working for a Texas Non-Subscriber, and, if you have any questions, it’s better to consult with an attorney at Sandoval & Waldman, PLLC early in your case instead of waiting until later when your benefits are being limited or denied by your insurance.

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Palais Royal, and many more!!

Here are some recommendations if you are injured on the job:

1.       Report the injury no matter how minor it may seem! Make sure you have discussed your injury with a supervisor and that it has been documented.

2.       Seek medical treatment as soon as possible. If there is insurance and you have reported your injury, you should be receiving a call from an insurance representative to let you know where you can go for “Approved” medical care.

3.       If you reported the injury and no one is contacting you and you are in pain, do not wait, go to the doctor or hospital and get seen by a medical professional. There is no reason to compromise your health just because the company’s insurance is dragging their feet.

4.       Do not ignore your injury! Don’t decide not to report it because you don’t think it was a serious injury or because you think you can work through it. In the end, this doesn’t help you when you end up having to file the claim a few days or weeks later.

5.       Speak to a lawyer to discuss your options! It may be the last thing on your mind but, you need someone who is thinking clearly to help you get through the process and answer any questions you may have along the way.  

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