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If you live in Houston and have suffered an injury or if a family member has died due to someone else’s negligence, immediately contact Sandoval & Waldman, PLLC. If we do not recover monetary compensation in cases of injury or death, you do not pay for our services.

Steve Waldman and Sandoval & Waldman’s attorneys have the experience, resources and tenacity necessary to fight insurance companies and win their case.

Do not leave! Defend your rights. Defend your family.

Texas is a state of hardworking people and therefore accidents in the workplace are common.

Accidents can occur in many environments and can affect many different occupations.

Some industries suffer a higher injury rate than others, but all Texas workers are at risk of being injured at work. Regardless of whether you work in the construction industry or in a department store, you can get hurt at work! Accidents in the workplace happen in all work environments No one is immune!

What a Work Injury Lawyer really does

Work injury attorneys are like private prosecutors that you hire to “process” a civil claim in your name. If a work injury lawyer accepts your case, the lawyer will investigate your injury in the workplace and try to build a case on your behalf, to be presented in court or to an arbitrator. Cases involving Official Workers Compensation Insurance Coverage will be handled through the Texas Department of Insurance. Cases that do not involve Official Workers’ Compensation Insurance Coverage will be presented before a court or arbitrator. There are distinctive differences between the ways these cases are evaluated and “processed” and the claims you can enforce are very different.

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If you have a claim under the Official Compensation Insurance Coverage system of Workers, you can also have a “third party” claim if your injury was caused by negligence from someone other than your employer or a co-worker, or from a defective product. A experienced work injury lawyer will help you identify any potential claims that can provide compensation for damages.

Choose a lawyer with experience in workplace injuries to represent you in the case of a Workplace injury is important. You want to receive appropriate compensation for your injuries These cases are often very complicated and are often defended by both, the Employers and their insurers.

At Sandoval & Waldman we have experience evaluating and handling work injury claims. We can determine what type of claim is yours and help you chart a course of action for your claim. We understand how employers and insurers fight these cases and can help you form your legal team to “process” your claim. Your lawyer makes a difference. Workers who suffer an injury in Texas should contact Sandoval & Waldman.


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