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Determining which laws provide protection to injured offshore platform employees can sometimes be difficult to ascertain. The location and type of the platform, whether permanent or moveable, determines what law may apply to a potential claim.

Because of the hazardous work conditions, the heavy and awkward size of equipment and gear involved with working on offshore platforms, injuries are very common. The injuries could result from negligence of an employer, a contractor, employees of other contractors or even the manufacturers of equipment involved in the injury. Often, an injured offshore worker does not know what steps they need to follow to protect their rights and rights of their family.  In times like these, we understand that putting food on the table remains top priority but, without legal counsel an injured offshore worker runs the risk of never being able to work another day. 

This is why we have dedicated ourselves to representing injured offshore workers and their families in these times of crisis. There are specific time requirements that must be met when filing these types of claims. Therefore, you should consult an attorney with experienced in offshore injury litigation as soon as possible after a work-related injury.

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