Defective Products

Although we would like to trust that all products sold and purchased as a consumer, or used as a patient are safe for us, the truth is, many of the products marketed as safe for consumer use end up causing some very serious injuries. This very often includes products that are marketed as providing greater safety. When you or a loved suffer serious injuries result from products that are unreasonably dangerous are placed into the stream of commerce, you may have a claim against the manufacturer of that product.

The lawyers and Sandoval & Waldman, PLLC are currently investigating or litigating cases concerning several dangerous products and medical devices. Although some may still be on the market for consumer purchase or use, many have been subject to manufacturer recalls or are otherwise being studied and closely followed for their hazardous or unreasonably dangerous character.

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If you or a loved one has been seriously affected after using a dangerous product or medical device and is now dealing with the physical, emotional, and psychological toll of having a serious injury or health condition, contact Sandoval & Waldman, PLLC and our attorneys will provide you the answers to any questions you may have about your potential case.

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