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Accidents at Work


The laws that protect railroad workers are complicated. If you have been injured, understand and protect your rights.


Accident on job sites are extremely common in Houston, Construction Injuries are often very serious and may even be fatal.


FELA Injuries. The laws that protect railroad workers are complicated. If you have been injured, understand and protect your rights.


Depending on how you were injured, it's important that you consider what individuals or companies could be at fault for your injury. 



Both because of the demand and availability of oil in Texas, - not only during drilling operations but also when going to/from drilling sites.

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Texas is a working state, and as a result, workplace accidents are common in Texas.

Accidents occur in a many setting and can affect many different occupations.


Some industries experience a higher rate of injuries, but every Texas worker is at risk of being injured on the job. Regardless of whether you work in construction, or in a department store, you can be hurt on the job! Workplace accidents happen in every type of work environment. No one is immune!

  • Differing Coverage Plans

Employers in Texas can “opt out” of carrying Official Texas Workers' Compensation coverage. These “non-subscriber” employers may have an alternativeemployee accident plan, and they may even call it “worker’s comp.” Or the employer may have “employer liability” coverage and no benefit plan. Some employers have nothing – no insurance, no plan, and no assets. The type of coverage an employer has determines the type of claim the injured worker has. If you or a family member is injured on the job, the most important thing for you to do – after seeking prompt medical care and reporting your injury to your employer – is to find out what type of claim you have.

If an employer has Official Texas Workers' Compensation coverage, an injured employee is limited to a worker’s compensation claim. This claim includes medical treatment, and a limited schedule of cash benefits for disability.

However, if an employer does not have Official Texas Workers' Compensation coverage, an injured employee has a right to make a claim for ALL LEGAL DAMAGES, including past and future medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Even if the employer has an alternative plan, injured workers have the right to seek all damages recoverable under Texas law. Some employers have mandatory arbitration agreements, and they may have procedures in place that are complex. An experienced work injury lawyer can help you evaluate your potential claim, and advise you as to the options available to you.

Regardless of how you were injured, who you work for, or how you were hired, you have a right to know your legal rights. Speak with an experienced work injury lawyer. The initial consultation is FREE, and we charge no fees or expenses unless there is a recovery on your behalf.


  • What a Work Injury Attorney Actually Does

Work injury attorneys are like private prosecutors that you hire to “prosecute” a civil claim on your behalf. If a work injury attorney accepts your case, the attorney will investigate your workplace injury and attempt to build a case on your behalf, for submission to a court or arbitrator. Cases involving Official Texas Workers' Compensation will be handled through the Texas Department of Insurance. Cases that do not involve Official Texas Workers' Compensation will be submitted to a court or arbitrator. There are distinct differences in how these cases are evaluated and “prosecuted” and the claims you can assert are very different.

If you have a claim under the Official Texas Workers' Compensation system, you may also have a “third party” claim, if your injury was caused by the negligence of someone other than your employer or a coworker, or by a defective product. Your experienced work injury attorney will help you identify any potential claims that may successfully bring you a damage recovery.,


  • What is Considered a Work Injury?

Any injury that occurs on the job or while working on behalf of another person or company can be considered a work injury. You should not take chances on trying to interpret the law yourself. If you have suffered a significant injury, and you were engaged in any activity, call the experienced work injury lawyers at S&W, and allow them to advise you. The consultation is free.


  • Dealing with Insurance Adjusters

Insurance claim adjusters are there to serve the interests of the insurance company. Adjusters for an employer’s “plan” are working for the benefit of the plan. They may say they are trying to help you, and some of them are doing their best to provide you with medical care, but they work within the rules of their company. And their ultimate goal is to save their company money and close out your claim. They do not work for you, and they do not have your best interests as their primary purpose. An attorney that you hire is sworn to protect your interests first. That is his legal duty – he must put your interests before anyone else’s, including his or her own interests. If you have a serious injury, trusting your employer, or an insurance company, or the people who work for them, is a risky bet. They may try to help you, but you are taking a risk that they will do what is best for them, and not what is best for you and your family. Ask yourself – if you boss was injured, would he come to you for help and advice, or would he call a lawyer? My guess is that your boss would call a lawyer. And that is exactly what you should do. You should protect yourself and your family by calling an experienced work injury attorney.


  • Steps to Take After a Work Injury Occurs

The first thing to remember is that most employers require you immediately report all accidents. You should report your accident to the proper person.

You should also seek immediate medical care. If it is an emergency, call 911. If someone’s life is in danger, call 911. If you need rescue, call 911. If you need to go to the hospital, call 911. If you cannot call 911, ask a friend to call 911.

If you need medical care, but it is not an emergency, ask your employer to take you or send you to a doctor immediately. If he will not take you or send you to a doctor, then go on your own or have a friend or family member take you. If your employer will not give you a document for the medical charges to be billed, go to the nearest hospital emergency room. Do not wait to go to the doctor!

If you have the opportunity to do so, take photographs of the scene of the injury, and make a note of the names of any witnesses, and their phone numbers. If there was any violation of the law, call the police. If any safety rules were violated, consider calling OSHA.

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Choosing an experienced work injury attorney to represent you in your workplace injury is important. You want to be properly compensated for injuries. These cases are often very complicated, and they are frequently defended by both employers and their insurance companies..

At Sandoval & Waldman, we have experience in evaluating and handling work injury claims. We can determine what type of claim you have, and help you chart a course of action for your claim. We understand how employers and insurance companies fight these cases, and can help put together your legal team to ”prosecute” your claim. Your attorney makes a difference. Injured workers in Texas should contact Sandoval & Waldman.



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